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Vests are ubiquitous in their usefulness. They work well to support a matched three piece suit. They even have pockets for a pocket watch should you choose to be that original. But more importantly, they function quite well as a piece worn for their own statement.

The add something very nice to any look, even if you are casual. You can wear a vest with a shirt without a tie and a pair of jeans and look perfectly wonderful, if all the colors and any patterns are complimentary of each other. Vests are made from all kinds of materials, cotton, corduroy, leather, tweed, satin, and flannel to name a few. They are even made of Kevlar which is a bullet proof material. If you are a cop or a DEA agent you probably have a few of them and if you are planning to go out slumming in a sketchy neighborhood you may want to wear one of these as well. They can be solid colors or have patterns on them such as plaid or paisley. You can button them up or leave them open in front for a more casual look.

They never seem to go out of style except for those made out of polyester. Polyester on men as suits or pants or vests just looks cheesy so avoid it. You can pick up some nice vests in the second hand store and they usually show less wear if they came from a three-piece suit, because often they were not worn at all the same times as the suit jacket and pants. Even if they were worn frequently they had the coverage of the protection of the outside jacket for the most part. Because of this it is quite easy to find decent quality vests in second hand stores, so have fun looking for them.

If they are a bit too large some of them come with self-adjusting ties in the back to make them fit more snugly or if needed you can have them taken in by a tailor very easily. Many top male actors wear vests quite regularly. For example, Johnny Depp has many vests in his clothes closet. Women have co-opted this part of men’s fashion, so be careful showing your girlfriend your collection of vests, except when you are wearing them, as you may have to let her wear some of them when she gets a peak at your closet.

Diane Keaton was one of the first female actors to sport that men’s look of vest and hat as women’s fashion wear. Did you know girlfriends always look in your things, especially drawers and in the closet, when you have to go to the bathroom? If she starts to coo about one of your vests, from your clostet be certain you are comfortable with parting with it if you lend it to her. It will remind her of you when she wears it and she will also feel great and look good in it. That is the power of vests.

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