Guide To Fashionable Mens Eye Glasses


Guide To Fashionable Mens Eye Glasses

Guys are most likely to need an eyeglass case to carry with them, if they only need glasses for reading. If you don’t wear your glasses all the time, then you need some way to protect them from damage. If you have to wear glasses, you want them to be stylish, fit your face properly, and you want to have glasses that are light weight so that they don’t make a mark on your nose after you wear them for awhile. This means that the eyeglass frames are made from metal that can easily be bent.

You also want to protect the lens of the glasses from being scratched. A good pair of eyeglasses, especially the ones with designer frames can cost in the hundreds of dollars. These are all the reasons to invest in a good eyeglass case.

Your choice in eyeglass case does not necessarily have to be made only on the factor of utility because there are many styles of eyeglass cases that provide protection and also offer a bit of style at the same time. There are metal eyeglass cases with a flip top opening. These are made from hard metal shell and are virtually crush proof.

There are calm shell cases that come in a wonderful array of finishes such as leather, in all the dyed shades of black, browns and other colors, plus exotic finishes such as snakeskin, lizard skin, alligator, or crocodile. There are sporty eyeglass cases made more for sunglasses that come in neon colors and zip up or have a velcro closure. There are also many varieties of soft cases, sometimes lined with fleece, that protect from the lens from getting scratched, but do not offer the same protection from crushing. Soft cases are usually put in the inner coat jacket pocket to keep the eyeglasses safe and away from harm.

They may come with a clip that allows the case to be clipped on the edge of the pocket to keep the case firmly in the proper place. There is also another type of case that is popular in Europe and the popularity has spread to the Americas as well. It is made in Italy and has a magnetic clasp to hold the eyeglasses in the case.

It is more slim than the traditional clam shell case and is a good solution if one wants to protect simple reading glasses or eyeglasses that are not too large. If you use clip-on sunglasses with your regular glasses, there are cases that are much more slim to accommodate the simple clip-on.

There are also trendy designs that have unusual shapes which are fashion statements in and of themselves. If you want to spend a wad of cash there are diamond encrusted eyeglass cases which are worth more than the glasses they are trying to protect. You can also have a crush proof metal eyeglass case engraved with a custom design to your liking which make a great gift as well.


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