1 Piece/3 Ways: The Emerald Worsted Suit


Today we turn our attention to one of the most popular fabrics so far in our F/W collection.

The Emerald Worsted is a 4-season Italian wool fabric in a beautiful shade of emerald green. We’ve spoken before about how green is a surprisingly versatile color for menswear and a great choice to give your entire wardrobe some new life.

If you look closely enough at the texture of this unique fabric, you can find faint shades of purple and tan, which give the garment a stunning depth and a rare flannel-like texture that is lightweight enough to be worn in all seasons.

Here Will shows us three of the hundreds of ways to wear it with other classic menswear pieces.

New American Classics


Timeless American menswear pieces, like the soft-shouldered jacket and the camel hair topcoat, can look modern and style-forward when cut in the right fabric and, most importantly, the right fit.

Emerald green is also a very flattering color for gentlemen with lighter skin and hair profiles, like handsome Will.


Suit Jacket = Sportcoat


An unstructured suit jacket is a sportcoat. So break-up the suit and wear the jacket with your favorite jeans for a smart casual look. This is one of the major keys to building a smart versatile wardrobe.

Turtle Power


Don’t sleep on the power of the turtleneck. Paired with a trim seasonal suit, it’s hard to find a look that is more stylish, elegant, and masculine. If you find a thin cashmere version, it’s also a extremely comfortable on a mild Fall day.

Thanks, as always, for reading.

Yours in style,

Dan Trepanier

Styling by Westley Dimagiba. Photography by Alex Crawford. 


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