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When men wear their dress boots during the cold weather months it does not usually result in a warm, comfortable or stylish experience. They generally end up suffering from the miserable feelings of cold and wet feet, with little to no relief in sight. Fortunately, during this 2014 autumn and winter fashion season men will get a pleasant surprise when they take a look at the latest dress boot trends.

Street Style

The rugged work boots and gritty combat street styles are still in vogue for everyday wear. However, when it comes to choosing appropriate and fashionable footwear to don to the office, more classic and modern looks are definitely required. For instance, a pair of sleek and stylish Black or Brown Buffalo Leather Cesar dress boots by Paul Smith would look amazing when combined with this season’s nubby textured grey flannel suit trends. The eye-catching single brown hue, with contrasting beige color stitching and heel trim details of the Paul Smith Brown Haiti Leather boots is another interesting design that is sure to make a fashion statement. The stylish sensibility of this footwear would also elegantly complement the smooth, satin finish of the latest corduroy suits to perfection.

Casual Boots

Of course, if a slightly more casual approach is desired, then donning a pair Antony Morato’s Shiny Sporty Boots with British Style Details will boldly accentuate a sharp, no-nonsense state of mind. This boot design is the ultimate attention-grabber: with its ultra-glossy finish, tubular laces and durable rubber sole. Its striking look would highlight a classic tweed suit very nicely. In contrast, a shabby-chic, yet sporty vintage style can be fashionably expressed while wearing the Antony Morato Leather Sporty Vintage Effect dress boot. This slightly distressed, black leather ankle design in combination with its classic rounded toe will subtly highlight a smart tailored suit.

Style Changes

There was a time when men’s dress boots could have only been worn on dry and mild days. Fortunately, times have changed. During this autumn and winter season, men will no longer need to concern themselves about having cold and wet feet, or dowdy looking footwear. The latest dress boot trends have gotten all of the essential design and style bases covered; especially when it comes to providing men with practical and fashionable footwear.

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